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If it’s on the lawn – it’s in the gutter!

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There’s a good chance you’re at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so you might as well take the opportunity to inspect the quality of your gutters and roof. In the least, it will get you outside, into the fresh air and away from the wife, husband, kids, dog…

Because in spite of a challenging time and gloomy news for all us–Spring has officially sprung!

With March behind us, you likely want to get outside and inspect your yard and home and be on the lookout for what needs their attention. Home improvement stores are busy regardless of the slow-down. Most homeowners know the importance of getting an early start on their lawns to prevent weed growth, and to seal their deck to prevent major damage from the rain and snow, but sometimes, they forget about their roof. 

We’d like to offer this simple bit of advice. 

While you walk around your house picking up branches and raking leaves, remember this. If it’s on the lawn–it’s in the gutter. Whatever large thing landed on the ground,  pieces of it, twigs, branches, leaves and such, also landed on your roof and in your gutters in 

 Look up at those rain gutters. 

Even if you had your gutters cleaned last fall, spring is the best time to inspect and clean them to prevent the damaging effects of winter ice, water and debris from clogging things up and damaging your home. 

Failure to keep your gutters free of debris will cause the same damage to your roof and home that rain and snow will cause an unexposed patio or deck if not properly maintained. 

1. Check the overall condition of your gutters, downspouts and endcaps

2. Consider buying the Leaf Solution WAND. For maintaining and periodic cleaning any accumulation on the gutter guard’s surface, our specially designed wand generates a high-velocity water spray using standard pressure from a garden hose.

3. Consider installing one of the following options 


The gutter guard which revolutionized an industry 

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Gutter Guards

Our best-selling professional-grade gutter guard features: 

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Gutter Guards

Leaf Solution provides the most excellent perforated gutter guards on the Market today. 

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From our family to yours–we’re looking forward to a productive spring and wonderful summer. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Leaf Solution is a family-run company founded in 2001. 

Leaf Solution’s pioneering innovation to gutter systems have two proven types – mesh and perforated gutter guards that protect your roof, home, and family. 

Leaf Solution is an American-made product backed by an exclusive 20-year warranty. 

Leaf Solution leads in the invention, development, and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced gutter solutions. 

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