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Hurricane Season

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Recently, I heard this story from a contractor-friend. 

While doing a quick roof inspection for a gutter guard installation, he noticed that the exhaust pipe for the client’s water heater was at an odd angle. He told the owner, and down to the cellar they went. Once there, he noticed that the exhaust tube wasn’t fastened correctly and that C02 was likely leaking. The leak was minor. The owner recalled complaining about headaches for a week. One of their children felt nauseous coming and going from the cellar. That installer did this family an invaluable service by being on the ball. 

We’ve talked a lot about protecting our client’s most precious asset–the home- and looking after family and friends this year. I thought of this story as I prepared this blogpost–about how we can look out for our clients and provide an opportunity to create more business. 

When you live in a region prone to hurricanes–it’s especially important to help clients prepare before the season. Ideally, you can encourage them to schedule an inspection before and after hurricane season as part of your pricing for installing, cleaning, and inspecting their gutter guards. The last thing a homeowner wants to be thinking about when the winds pick up is if their roof and gutters will stay attached. No one wants to be wondering if their roof and gutter system can withstand a bit of weather.  

Encourage your clients to schedule an inspection today and schedule a follow-up as well. 

Before hurricane season, suggest that you perform an inspection, make small repairs, and double-check the integrity of your customer’s roof. 

These evaluations are a must. They should be done by a professional, so take time to explain to the homeowner that the stability of their roof and efficiency of gutters is vital to ensure that there are no structural issues during severe weather. If their gutters can’t take a thrashing, then their roof and house will. 

Here are a few of the things you want to look for once you get up the roof. 

First, make a note of the integrity and condition of the actual membrane.

Are all flashings correctly attached and sealed?

What about penetrations from previous installations?

Are they properly sealed? 

Is the equipment securely fastened?

What about hot water heater exhaust pipes, are they aligned to the roof?

Last but not least, gutters and downspouts should be appropriately attached and flowing to the proper location. If they don’t have guards, well this might be a great time to get them installed. 

Suggest trimming Nearby Trees. Strong winds can destroy buildings and displace tons of weight, so a tree-branch poses a real threat to a home if not cut back. 

Damage from heavy rain and wind during and after a hurricane is sometimes inevitable. Cleaning and ensuring that a client’s gutters are clear of debris is essential. The gutter system takes water from the roof system away from the house. If gutters or downspouts are clogged, the backed-up water will sit on the roof, causing structural damage and inviting infestation. 

When hurricane seasons comes, I can bet you a box of donuts that the homeowner who spent a little extra time and money to ensure their roof and gutters were up to the challenge is going to think of you.  

 That’s what we do after all–we look after our customers. 

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